Eyelands Awards

Eyelands.gr literary magazine in collaboration with Strange Days Books organize an annual international short story contest, which is the only international short story contest based in Greece. Every year, writers from all the continents of the world participate in it. The contest consists of two categories; Greek and International (for the international section we only accept stories in English). The contest has been running continuously for the past eight years, offering hundreds of writers the opportunity to see their short story printed in one of our collections, created through the contest entries. For many of these writers it is the first time that a story of theirs is printed in a book or featured online. The jury reads all submissions blind.

The English section of the contest has been recognized as a truly reliable, fair and serious short story contest. Every year, many reputable websites post the announcement of our contest, which has earned its reputation year after year, by honoring all its promises, following the rules meticulously and meeting all criteria that allow a contest to gain respect and recognition on an international level.

In 2018 we launched a new contest, the Eyelands flash fiction contest. After all these years we decided it’s time to launch Eyelands Book Awards. An international contest that gives the opportunity to a writer to win a great prize; a holiday in Athens, Greece, where he/she will have the chance to talk about his/her work to Greek readers and meet Greek writers in a special ceremony. This is the grand prize for writers who have already published their book. But there’s more. Eyelands Book Awards also gives the opportunity to an unpublished writer to win a contract* and see her/his book published from Strange Days Books. There are also prizes for the winners of the five different categories, as well as nominations of five writers per category. It was high time for Greece to have an international book award. Join us. Send us your submission and win the grand prize, visit Athens or see your book published!

*It goes without saying that there is no fee in the contract or any kind of charge for the writer. Instead, we pay the writers’ royalties  – a percentage on the retail price of the book’s copies sold.  You can see the contract on the page Strange days in this website