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Strange Days Books is an independent publisher founded in 2013. We are based in Greece and publish books both in Greek and English. For the past 5 years, in collaboration with Eyelands Literary Magazine, we have also been releasing all the anthologies of the winning stories of Eyelands International short story contest. Our vision is to create a true shelter for emerging and established writers, the exact opposite to a vanity press, never asking for any publishing fees and offering fair contracts to authors (scroll down to see a contract example). The only criterion we follow to decide what to publish is whether we believe a book is significant and worth reading, according to our own – well – subjective taste, but only according to this. For the past 5 years we have created a growing community of writers and readers through book launches, participation in festivals and book fairs, writing workshops, writing competitions, performances and all sorts of events about literature, books, reading and writing.

In our Strange Days in Greece and Strange Days in the World section, we have published more than 80 books by Greek  and foreign writers, but we have also translated books by a few non-Greek writers into English, thus introducing their work to Greek readers for the first time. In our Strange Days in English section, we have published 4 anthologies of the winning stories of Eyelands International Short Story Contest, two novels and a quirky travel guide to the Greek islands. Upcoming publications include the anthology of the extremely popular 1st International Flash Fiction Contest by Eyelands as well as the grand prize-winner of the unpublished books section of Eyelands Book Awards.

For the past 6 years we have been co-organizing, Sand Festival, the only literature festival on the Greek islands, where every summer an open group of writers, poets, musicians, performers, photographers, artists of all sorts get together to create a DIY festival on the beach of a Greek island, with poetry and fiction readings, storytelling, writing workshops, exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances.

In 2020 with the support of a Creative Europe program we start our plan to publish prize winning books from countries of Europe that normally would never had the chance to be published in Greek. Starting from spring 2020 we will present a novel from Ireland, then one from Denmark and in Autumn another novel – from Albania – will be translated and released in Greek. And this will be just the beginning!See below for all the books we have published in English so far.



James P. Hadley: Prisoner of Love

cover prisoner en2Prisoner of Love is a novel including the romance of  mass market love stories and the suspense of crime fiction paperback novels. But at the same time: love for books and the adventure of every author going through a writer’s block.
It combines two stories; the romantic adventure of the innocent Marcella and the thriller of a desperate Greek fortune-hunter who is forced to write a book, under the instructions of his lover, the famous writer Magdalena Love.
The story of Marcella begins as a romantic pursuit of the perfect mate then becomes a chic lit and ends up becoming an adventure with international gangs of illicit dealers in antiquities. Also, it passes through historical writing while you will also find a slight touch of magic.
The story of the Greek fortune hunter acquires an emotional tone as well when, he initially falls in love with his female character, Marcella, and later on, with a woman that looks very much like her. However, he ends up being a prisoner of the Dionysiac and ruthless Magdalena Love as well as Freddo, her brutal bodyguard.
The story is not lacking in certain features of the social crisis Greece has been going through, as its main part takes place one summer on various Greek islands.

B.D. Fischer: Slowly but thoroughly

slowly but thoroughly


The indisputable strength of this novel is that «one voice» of the narrator, in its stunning amalgamation of lucidity and obsessiveness, blunt honesty and self-conscious performativity, sensitivity and cruelty, insight and blindness, wide-ranging curiosity and referentiality and self-absorption.

Evan Carton, Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas


Gregory Papadoyiannis: 52 EYELANDS – A sentimental Journey Through the Greek Islands

52eyelandsThis is a “sentimental” guide for travellers, through 52 of the Greek islands. This book has simply been written out of an outrageous love for the islands, to describe what it feels like to actually “live the island” – even for a week – and to find out what it’s like, from how it looks to how it can be characterized in terms of its deeper essence. I liken this process to getting to know a friend, or perhaps even falling in love.

«Sustained throughout 52 eyelands is the voice of a travelling companion who is always careful not to tell you too much, always conscious that travel is about making choices and that since each traveller is different, each has discoveries of their own awaiting them on the islands he knows and loves so well. At last: a no-spoilers guidebook. This could be a thing»

Lane Ashfeldt (author of ‘’Saltwater’)











strange days σμολ.JPG


                              WRITER’S AGREEMENT


This agreement effective on     …. 202..


Α. Publishing Company by the name  ‘’Strange Days Books’’ Publishing

(Paraxenes Meres, Παράξενες Μέρες, εκδόσεις)

Adress:  Chimarras 6, Rethymno, 74100, Crete, Greece

which shall herein be referred to as “Publisher” and

Β.  Mr./ Mrs.

Name: ……………………….

Resident of:…………………………

Street:  ………………..  Street Number: ……….

who shall herein be referred to as “Author”

mutually agreed and accepted the following:

The author states that she has written a literary work in English (or translated in English) :

The author guarantees that this work is original and he/she reserves all intellectual property rights to it (hereafter, this work shall be referred to as “work”).

According to the agreement, the Author cedes to and confers on the Publisher the exclusive right to publish the work in printed form in the English language and trade in it in Greece, as well as worldwide.

The Publisher accepts the aforementioned cession and conferment and the following terms are agreed upon:

1.The Author states that the work constitutes his / her own intellectual property, which, through the present agreement, he / she cedes to and confers on the Publisher, and that publication of the work does not violate a third party’s intellectual or other property, does not infringe upon the rules of the pertinent Greek or international legislation on intellectual property.

2.The author, in lieu of remuneration for the above mentioned cession and conferment of his / her intellectual property rights to the work in printed form, will be entitled to a percentage on the retail price of the book’s copies sold, which are delineated as follows:

– 0% (zero percent) from 1 to 200 copies
– 10% (ten percent) from 201 to 1200 copies
– 12% (twelve percent) from 1201 to 2000 copies
– 15% (fifteen percent) from 2001 copies and over

retail price: ………….

3.It is agreed that the Author will receive for free five (5) copies upon the first edition.

4.In case the Author wishes to obtain more copies of his / her work, he / she will be granted a 25% (twenty five percent) discount on the nominal price. Any such purchases shall count as a copy sold for purposes of determining remuneration as in #2 above.

5.The duration of the present agreement is set at five (5) years, commencing as of today, and is renewed for the same amount of time, unless one of the two parties asks, in writing, for a definitive termination termination of all terms of the agreement, two (2) months before the termination of the present agreement. The Author may also terminate all terms of the agreement at any time upon payment of 2,000 euros to the publisher. The Author may also terminate the agreement in the event that the Publisher does not for any reason or is not able to make the book available for normal sale for a period longer than 90 days.

6.Liquidation of the account will be held on December 31st, every year. The amounts payable to the Author which will accrue from each liquidation will be paid to the Author within three (3) months of the following year. The payment of the royalties will be made by the Publisher in a way agreed upon by both parties, and will be made in one of the following ways : postage of money, postal cheque, remittance, deposit into an account.

7.The text of the work will be submitted in an electronic format by the Author to the Publisher on time.

8.The present agreement concerns a book publication only in the English language. The Author reserves the right to cede the book rights for a publication in any other language. Should these rights be ceded to another publisher, or should the Publisher publish the book in any other language, the Author shall be remunerated on a schedule not less than the one outlined in #2 above. In this event, the count of books sold shall not revert to zero, but shall continue from the number of books sold in English.

9.The Publisher accepts the responsibility, at his own expense, to publish the work in printed form / also available in kindle or e-book format, within six (6) months of the date appearing on the present agreement.

10.The shape, appearance, the picture on the book cover, as well as the number of copies to be printed each time, the wholesale or retail price and, generally, what concerns the publication, clientele selection and trading of the book in question will exclusively be decided upon by the Publisher.

11.The Author’s first name and surname will be mentioned on the cover, as well as the spine of the book, where also the title will appear. At the bottom will appear “Strange Days Books”. On the blurb, some information about the book will be provided. Corrections and proof-reading will be held by one of the Publisher’s editors.

12.The Author acknowledges that her remuneration, as agreed upon above, fully covers her labour’s worth and corresponds to the current rates of trading books and royalties, thus she lays no further claims, economic or other.

13.On all the aforementioned terms, for the duration of the present agreement, all intellectual property rights to the specific work are conferred by the Author exclusively upon the Publisher, for the English language only. For as long as the present agreement applies, the Author has no right to use, directly or indirectly, the whole work or part thereof, for the purposes of any other printed work in any format in the English language, except if this is done for advertising purposes

14.The Author cedes to the Publisher the right to negotiate the agreement for TV or cinematic rights of the work only in the English language. The proceeds accruing from the TV and/or cinematic rights of the work will be apportioned, as follows: 25% (twenty five percent) goes to the Author and 60% (sixty percent) goes to the Publisher.

15.In case the Autor fails to represent his interests accruing from the present agreement, the Publisher will immediately acknowledge the Author’s legal beneficiaries.

16.Reproduction of this work (book cover, pictures or, generally, lay-out) electronically, by photocopying or in any other way, such as type-setting or pagination is prohibited, without the licence of the Publisher. This protection remains after the expire of the present agreement, which also means it is binding for the Publisher in relation to the Author, for as long as the protection of intellectual property rights applies.

17.The signatories state that, regarding the work and the specific book, they have not come to any other agreement, orally or in writing, apart from what has been declared in the present agreement. Any modification to the present agreement applies in the future, inasmuch as it is in writing and bears both parties’ signatures.

18.The Author is entitled to a 20% (twenty percent) discount on the retail price of all the books published by Strange Days


Expected publication date:………………………

This agreement has been drawn up and signed in two (2) copies.

Date: … 201……

THE PUBLISHER/                                                                THE AUTHOR

Costis Malousaris

chief executive officer

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