We are glad to announce the finalists for the Eyelands Book Awards 2019.

ΕΒΑ - 2019

First of all we would like to thank all writers for their submissions. Last year in our very first time to launch the contest it was a surprise to receive so many books. This year with even more submissions our …problem was that we received so many good books and it was very hard work for us to choose the finalists. Once more we wished we could include more books in this list but we just can’t. The only thing we could do, as we did last year, was to nominate a few more books as finalists for the novels category due to the greater number of  books submitted to this specific category.  

Congratulations to all of you, for all your great books.  

These are the finalists for every category:


(by submission order)




  1. The Nurseryman – Arthur Allen / Scotland
  2. Captain Fly’s Bucketlist – Agnes Marton / Luxembourg
  3. Blood Moon – Andrew Jarvis / USA
  4. Poems of the Void – Sreekanth Kopuri /India
  5. How to grow matches – Sarah Leavesley / United Kingdom
  6. Door of no return / Neal Hall /USA


1. At the foot of the mountain / TAK Erzinger / Switzerland
2.Before, Bam, After and Beyond /Frank Light / USA
3. The trembling Tiber / Neal Hall
4. Window Spit / Alan David Pritchard / United Kingdom



  1. Nice Girls DO Travel / Kathy Cuddihy / Ireland
  2. Walk Until Sunrise / Jade J. Maze / USA
  3. Secrets of a Mariachi Violinist / D.R. Ransdell /USA
  4. Rodanthe’s Gift – Yvonne Payne / United Kingdom
  5. Secrets of a Stewardess /Gretchen Ryan / United Kingdom


  1. Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops / Allison Hong Merrill / USA
  2. Adjustment disorder — a Collection of Maladjusted Essays / Patrick Mondaca / USA
  3. Unglued: A Bipolar Love Story-Jeffrey Zuckerman / USA
  4. The Man Who Got Out of Japan / Sophie Neville / United Kingdom
  5. The Swimmer / David Tenenbaum / USA



  1. Peter, the Sea, and His Sister’s Disco Ball – Anthony Palazzo-Coetzer / United Kingdom
  2. Florissant – P.H.C. Marchesi / USA
  3. There’s an Elephant in my Swimming pool – Gretchen Ryan / United Kingdom
  4. Teddy Wet My Bed – Vernae Coffee / USA
  5. Under the oak tree / Phil Ioannou / Canada


  1. Revenge of the Servants of the Gods /Judith Brulo / United Kingdom
  2. The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe /Judith Brulo / United Kingdom
  3. Gangster School – Kate Wiseman / United Kingdom
  4. Church-Walk-On-The-Beach – Diane Dowsing Robison /USA
  5. Transcendence the Spirit Quest series, Book 1 – A. L. Waddington / USA



1.End of Things / Gareth Shore/ United Kingdom
2./ This is Exhibit Β – D.R.Hill/ United Kingdom
3./ A Brief History of Misanthropy – Dean Gessie
4./ Tales of the Anointed Skeletons and Love / Lahari Mahalanabish(Chatterji / India
5.A Perfect Day to Die – Yoko Morgenstern / Germany


1.Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air / Jeff Fearnside / USA
2.Neighbours and Tourists / Ewa Mazierska / United Kingdom
3.The Elfin Stone and other stories / Sarah Crabtree  / United Kingdom
4.This Paradise / Ruby Cowling / United Kingdom
5.Calls to Distant Places – Peter Jordan / United Kingdom



1.That Which Remains –  S. K. Kruse/ USA
2.The Cruelty Man /Jack O’Donnell / Scotland
3.All Things Nice – Cressida Evans / Brazil
4.DoveLion: A Fairy Tale For Our Times – Eileen R. Tabios / USA
5.Cuckoo – Angela Pertusini/ United Kingdom
6.Old scores – Robin Martin/ USA
7.The Lost Tide / David Tenenbaum / USA

1.Drafts of a Suicide Note / Mandy-Suzanne Wong / Vermuda
2.The Dream Circle / Máire Malone/ Ireland
3.Follies, Fools and Garlands / E.C.Gardiner /United Kingdom
4.Lily Poole / Jack O’Donnell / Scotland
5.Being Lena Levi – Bobbie Ann Coler/ United Kingdom
6.Guantanamo Redux / Dean Gessie /Canada
7.Fukushima Dreams / Zelda Rhiando/ United Kingdom
8.The Threat Level Remains Severe / Rowena Macdonald/ United Kingdom


We remind you that the final results will be announced on December 20th, 2019


Thanks again,

The judges

Catherine McNamara, Andriana Minou, Gregory Papadoyiannis

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