Sailing trees – trees of the future

The last two of our tree prizes are ready to sail. They are the prizes for our two grand prize winners. Unfortunately there will be no awards ceremony in 2021 due to the pandemic. So we have at least to send the tree prizes to Jennifer Steil / United Kingdom (grand prize for published book) and Gail Sidonie Šobat /Canada (grand prize for unpublished book).
The good news is that we are very close to get the rights for the Greek translation of Jennifer Steil’s Exile Music (it was the alternative instead of invite her in Athens to attend the ceremony). So this year we will publish both of our grand prizes plus the Three Rock Prize, Lizardmaid, by Robin Luce Martin.

You can see the last two of our tree prizes to sail. Actually they are the last trees of their kind as Constantinos Malousaris won’t make any more of them. In the background you can see the trees prizes of new contest made by the artist Irene Lakka.


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