COOPER WHITE (EBA 2020, Special Distinction) INTERVIEW

//Questions by Andriana Minou

Cooper White / Mysteries

Cooper White from New Zealand is the second U18 writer born in September, 2008 (!) who won a special distinction in Eyelands Book Awards 2020 –The ‘’Mysteries’’ book, like Maximum flight by Abigail Keoghan were undoubtedly the two most wonderful suprises for all of us in this year’s contest. The least we have to do in the next contest is to create a new U18 category searching for more ‘’wonderkids’’. The least we can do here is to ask Cooper White a very few questions just to make a short interview. It’s probably his first but it’s for sure that it wil be just the first of many of them in the years to come!

When did you start writing fiction?

About 2016, when I wrote  Derek Watterson and the Invasion of the Zombie Marshmallows (Don’t read it, it has a LOT of grammatical errors).

What are you inspired from?

I go outside and talk to myself, so I get some (well, most) of my ideas from those sessions.

Tell us about some of your favourite authors and books.

Jeff Kinney and Liz Pichon are  some of my favourite authors, and their book series entertain me the most. These are Tom Gates, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Why do you think writing and reading books is important?

The same reason why writing and reading books are important. They raise peoples curiosity and imagination.

In your book “Mysteries”, there is a very interesting passage about cats. I believe cats are mentally superior creatures that have secretly taken over the world. What is your theory about cats?

My theory about cats: ‘They need to make pyramid schemes to take over the world first.’

What are your dreams about your future career as an author?

I have already started work on my next book called “Corruption”, and I want to get proper illustrations for it other than looking at Apple’s Stock Photos and going “ye.” But in all seriousness, this is a viable ca’;[]=


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