ABIGAIL KEOGHAN – (EBA 2020 Special Distinction) INTERVIEW

Two wonderful surprises for Eyelands Book Awards 2020 international contest -two writers U18 submitted their book and won special distinctions. Abigail Keoghan, a 12 year old girl from Ireland reached the finalists (short) list with Maximum Flight /subcategory Children’s Book! Obviously the youngest ever finalist of EBA. An astonishing flight for sure, but for the maximum of her talent we have to wait -the future is all hers!

interview by Andriana Minou

When did you start writing fiction?

I started writing fiction when I was ten years old in the creative writing camp that I went to.

Describe your favourite time and place for writing.

My favourite place would have to be sitting on my bed wrapped up in a toasty blanket before I drift to sleep.

Tell us some of your favourite authors and books.

I have multiple favourite authors but my favourites would have to be  J.K Rowling, David Walliams and Tomi Adeyemi and my favourite books are The Harry Potter Series, Demon Dentist and Children of Blood and Bone.

Why do you think writing and reading books is important?

I think writing and reading books are important because not only is the creative thinking flowing though writers mind on what to write next but it’s inspiring imagination for the readers.

In your book “Maximum Flight”, the protagonists are flying women who are being exploited due to their special abilities. I saw this as a metaphor for the fight for women’s rights. What inspired you to write this book?

I got the inspiration for the book from another book called “Maximum Ride” I read a bit of the book before the pandemic and needed inspiration for the competition and it took me a while before I thought of the book and decided to write a book similar to it creating “Maximum Flight”.

What are your dreams on your future career as an author?

I hope to become a popular author when I grow up and publish multiple books in book stores if possible worldwide, I really hope to be a popular author when I grow up.

My name is Abigail Keoghan and I live in Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland. I am twelve years old and I have a younger sister who is seven years old. I got my inspiration for writing by my book-loving aunts both wishing to publish a book. I love to write. My first book that I wrote was called 1941. It was about a young fourteen year old girl who went on a mission to save her father. I entered it into a competition when I was ten. Sadly I didn’t win but I decided to enter another competition the Eyelands’s book awards competition with Kenya’s Education (originally called Education or not I must learn something). I just love to write and I wish to become an author or artist when I am older


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